Restaurants: gastronomic pleasures for every taste

Despite the fact that there are many eateries in the city, there are also high-class restaurants that you need to visit in Kazan during your trip.

The national restaurant "House of Tatar cooking" situated on the pedestrian Bauman street was founded in 1969 by the main Tatar cook, author of the book "Dishes of Tatar cuisine" Yunus Akhmetzyanov. Until 1984, he personally was the chef Of the house of Tatar cooking. Now in the restaurant almost all dishes are prepared according to recipes from his collections. Dishes of the "house of Tatar cooking" are the standard of national cuisine. Here you will learn what should be the real echpochmak, kazylyk, gubadiya, talkysh dough and tarmac. The interior of the restaurant combines monumentality and national flavor: inside is gold leaf, mosaic, marble and mahogany. Here, restaurant guests can not only eat delicious food, but also have a good time. In the evenings, live music is played at the DTK and master classes on preparing national dishes are held.

You can not overlooked the restaurant "Panorama" on Amirkhan street, 16. The original element of the interior is the rotating center of the main hall. Tatar and European cuisine deserves the praise of chefs, but to come here, you need to book tables in advance, because the influx of visitors is a common phenomenon for this establishment. The reason for that is closed parties. And the average check is quite democratic and amount 2500 rubles.




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