Monuments of Kazan: culture in statics

In addition to memorials, sculptures and monuments erected in honor of famous political and cultural figures, the city has many interesting compositions from bronze and stone. Therefore, thinking about what is interesting in Kazan you can see, do not evade them with your attention.

For a Patriotic walk, a visit to the Monument to the unknown soldier in Gorky Park and a Sculpture to the victims of political repression of Stalin's times in Lenin's garden will be suitable. On Bauman street you will be met by the carriage of Catherine II, which is still revered in the city, because due to her, a decree on tolerance for representatives of all faiths was signed. Here you will find popular cat, rubbing the belly of which you can count on the fulfillment of a wish. The idea to immortalize the animal came to the residents after the arrival of Empress Elizabeth, who made it an integral part of the life guards service. Cats had to fight with mice, the number of which in those years was off the scale.


At the metro station Kremlevskaya tourists are greeted by a winged snake Zilant is a symbol of Tatarstan and the city on the Volga river. At the foot of the Kremlin is a Monument to the Breadwinner. A Sculpture of a water Carrier is placed in front of the water Utility building. Another original monument will greet you on Gavrilov, 5 is local Moydodyr just rub your nose, and happiness will come into your life.

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